All the talk of Siri led me to look at any other dictation/ transcription software that might be out there for the iPhone 3GS. Dragon Dictation seemed to be the one most mentioned so I went to the iTunes store to see if I could get my hands on it. My iTunes store in Ireland didn’t, so I had a look in the US store. They had it but wouldn’t let me have it.

It seems that you have to have an account with the iTunes store in the US to be able to download apps from it. I knew from previous experience that Apple only allow the registration of a credit card if the store is in the same jurisdiction as the billing address of the card.

Frustrated for all of a minute or two, I forgot about it until, when looking for something else on Google, I saw a reference to a site that tells you how to open a US iTunes account from a different country. Yay! It’s easy. It works. And I now have Dragon Dictation on my phone. Can’t imagine I’m going to use it much but it’s fun to play with.

Rather than me having to explain how it’s done, just follow the instructions here.