Month: January 2019


Six Months

It’s six months to the day since I resolved to do something creative every day. At that time, the resolution was partly an attempt at distraction. So, therapy, in a sense. It was also partly an attempt to reconnect with my childhood and the intensely creative atmosphere in which I […]

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Candle Making

It’s very straightforward. You need wax, wicks, a few containers, some sort of double boiler, a jug and a thermometer. I bought my wax and wicks from NI Candles. Cheap and incredibly quick service. It’s soy wax so it’s sustainable and clean. You need to calculate the size of the […]

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I Made a Bench Hook

A bench hook is a device that one can use on one’s table/bench/desk, that holds a piece of work steady while one works on it. One end of it has a piece underneath that hooks on to the bench and the other has a piece on top against which one […]

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Breakfast and other things

Yesterday morning, Christine and I breakfasted in Cinnamon in Ranelagh. It was an expensive but unexceptional breakfast. You can read about it here. Today’s creative efforts included writing that blog, playing the ukulele and practicing some strokes with the Chinese brushes. I had this notion, inspired by something I saw […]

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On a Break

Taking a break from my Chinese brushes. Just a short one mind. We were out for a walk the other evening and there was a full, or nearly full, moon. Down by the weir on Lower Dodder Road, the effect of the moonlight on the river was quite magical. Christine […]

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It’s been quite a week at work. But otherwise some progress has been made and I’ve managed to do something creative everyday. Yesterday, I received some brushes I’d ordered from China. With my low level of skill, I didn’t really think that I’d notice any difference between them and the […]

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I took the ukulele out for a road test last night. Christine and I went to Ukulele Tuesday, a weekly event held in the upstairs lounge of the Stag’s Head in Dublin. We got there at about ten past eight and the session was in full swing. We had to […]

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Better than TV

Came home from work, made the dinner (merguez sausages in a harissa tomato sauce with pasta) and raced up to the attic. First on my agenda was to have a go at the ukelele (see yesterday’s entry for context). I found a short YouTube video which warmed me up by […]

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Moving on a bit

Very interesting morning. I’ve been thinking about doing things with pebbles for a while. Two things actually. One, drilling holes in them in order to string them together, either as sort of hanging cairns or interspersed with drift wood, as wall decorations or mobile hangings. And two, carving designs into […]

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Life and Movement

Still waiting for those books on Chinese brush painting to arrive. I’m feeling frustrated that they’re taking so long to come. In the meantime this came from the improbably named Robin Wood. It’s a hook knife, very sharp, designed to carve the bowls of spoons. Anyway, I’ve been using YouTube […]

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Messin’ wit’ me brushes

Just that really. I’ve ordered a few books on Chinese brush painting but while I’m waiting for them to arrive, I’m just experimenting with different paints, brushes and paper. Goldfish. Gold gouache. Acrylic brush. Goldfish. Gold gouache. Chinese brush. Gouache. Rice paper. Chinese brush. I’m still keen on getting a […]