Month: March 2019

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In betweeny time

Kept my eye in with these … … and a few more. Also worked on this idea for a tuna can. These are just shapes, to be painted over in due course. Took a trip into town today to get some paper, a few brushes, some gouache and stuff called […]

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This morning I’ve been thinking about how the creative process sometimes works during a day. Let me just preface this by saying that yesterday was the third twelve hour working day on the trot. Not really ideal, and not intentional. Circumstances and a shortage of examiners meant that I had […]

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Back to Wood

It’s been a while but it felt good this evening to get back to some woodwork. Still not certain what this will be but I think maybe I’ll make it into a trivet rather than an objet d’art. Anyway, I spent some time trimming and refining and this is where […]

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Final Cut Pro

My laptop died. I bought another one and made sure that it had enough power to edit movies quickly. I had purchased Final Cut Pro, Apple’s reasonably sophisticated movie editing program, for the old laptop but the poor thing struggled with the smallest of clips and I didn’t have the […]

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And Again

It’s been a while since I painted with my Chinese brushes and it shows! I’m still working towards fish on a used tuna can. This is a bit too formal maybe. Not the worst though. Meanwhile I’ve been strumming away on the guitar. Chords are coming easier now, including barre […]

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I’ve wanted to draw/paint chillis ever since I saw a Mary West painting of chillis in an exhibition in Dublin years ago. I wanted to buy that painting but, for some reason now well forgotten, I didn’t. Anyway. At last. I’ve painted some. I’m quite pleased with these. First, a […]

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This evening’s mandalas

Again on small pebbles. Found my thinner white pen. I quite like these. They’re quite easy to do and they look pretty awesome. I’m putting them in a glass vase that Tom and Neidin gave us and that we have on the hall table. Looks a bit lame with four. […]