Month: May 2019

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Yikes-y time with a ladder but Edward was standing by to catch me, and hand me things. Anyway, it’s up. I want to decorate it with butterflies and I painted a few this evening. I’m not sure about them though. I think they need to be bigger and brighter.

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Damn! Oh, hang on …

I spend much of my working life suggesting to young people that they slow down. Poetry, prose and drama all benefit from careful pacing. You speed up, you lose the opportunity to interpret and to really communicate with one’s audience. I remember suggesting to a friend that there is nothing […]

Crafts, Knots, Macrame

String Theory

I’m currently conducting an involuntary experiment in creativity and sleep deprivation! I, let’s say, ‘ingested’ a herbal supplement yesterday evening that had the unintended consequence of keeping me awake all last night, this on top of a poor night’s sleep the night before. I was just about able to function […]

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Ticking Over

The work-related mayhem continues. But the end of the year is in sight. It’s been a good year, to be honest. The Irish Board of Speech and Drama has grown. Thanks to Vicky, we’ve made some major changes in the way the exams are administered, and these changes have been […]

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It worked!

Not finished yet and it’s pretty rough but I’m pleased that this thing worked because I didn’t measure any of this out. I just went at it, and now I have two interlinked shapes carved out of one piece of wood. Cool!

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Treading Water

Well, kind of. May is always a very difficult and stressful month work-wise. This year seems more difficult than previous years, partly because the Irish Board is growing in size and complexity, and I suppose also partly for any number of other reasons. And this week has been a nightmare. […]

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It’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. In February I ordered an airbrush through Ebay. It was dirt cheap and was being sent from somewhere in China, post free. I’m not quite sure how this works but it does. Well, usually. Actually, this time it didn’t. […]

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At the glass workshop a few weekends ago, one of the participants showed us some mosaics she had completed and had stuck up on her garden walls. I had never thought of doing a mosaic before, but I have now! Colourful tiles are easily obtained. And I thought, wouldn’t it […]