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IKEA Danish Cookbook

Look at this:

Vanilla Horns ingredients



If you want to see more, click HERE

(photography by Carl Kleiner) postcard

Really pleased with this. Graphics by BrenB. Finishing by Simon Roche in Smoke and Mirrors. I recommend these guys.

Colourful, isn’t it?

ISSUU embedding

Hopefully below we will find the IBSD syllabus embedded courtesy of the WP Issuu plugin

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=100903105109-51aca728d3b740a5a6a3d42efa3091ee docname=irish_board_syllabus_2010-13 username=davidmdot loadinginfotext=Irish%20Board%20Syllabus%202010-13 showhtmllink=true width=420 height=422 unit=px]

Indeed we do. It works. ISSUU is the dog’s. Better than YUDU.

(Update a few days later: it’s a bit slow to load at the mo, for some reason …)

A gif, to see what happens

This is a gif file, uploaded to see if it moves. I’d say it won’t.

I was wrong. Click on the image. It’ll open in a new window and move. Cool.

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