I bought a GoPro

Updraft Plus

Just installed this to create a backup for WordPress sites. Backups uploaded automatically to Dropbox. Want to experiment backing up and restoring a site before I use it on irishboard.ie


Illustration Illustrated

Forbidden Fruit

All the talk of Siri led me to look at any other dictation/ transcription software that might be out there for the iPhone 3GS. Dragon Dictation seemed to be the one most mentioned so I went to the iTunes store to see if I could get my hands on it. My iTunes store in Ireland didn’t, so I had a look in the US store. They had it but wouldn’t let me have it.

It seems that you have to have an account with the iTunes store in the US to be able to download apps from it. I knew from previous experience that Apple only allow the registration of a credit card if the store is in the same jurisdiction as the billing address of the card.

Frustrated for all of a minute or two, I forgot about it until, when looking for something else on Google, I saw a reference to a site that tells you how to open a US iTunes account from a different country. Yay! It’s easy. It works. And I now have Dragon Dictation on my phone. Can’t imagine I’m going to use it much but it’s fun to play with.

Rather than me having to explain how it’s done, just follow the instructions here.

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

I can think of no better tribute than his own address at the commencement ceremony at Stanford University in 2005.


IKEA Danish Cookbook

Look at this:

Vanilla Horns ingredients



If you want to see more, click HERE

(photography by Carl Kleiner)

Smoked Salmon Roulade

Borrowed and adapted this from Good Housekeeping, December 2010 and tweaked it a bit to suit family tastes and numbers. Served it a few times over Xmas 2010 and New Year 2011. It works and it’s pretty tasty.

Click below for the recipe:

Smoked Salmon and Smoked Mackerel Roulade

This is what the GH version looks like. I flattened the mix over the smoked salmon and rolled it like a swiss roll.



Been experimenting with tissue paper, crunched up tracing paper, images and paint, inspired by Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists which my sister and her family gave me for Xmas. It’s been fun.

Place #1

Desire (the face of the woman is borrowed from Joseph Tomlinson)

Place #2


Think I’ll add string next …

Dhal and Spinach

This is my recipe, inspired by spouse’s parents. I drew this for my sister-in-law. Click on the image to enlarge. Then cook it. Enjoy.

Animated Robinson

For all those who are very concerned about what the education system (especially post-primary schools) does to their children, this presentation by Sir Ken Robinson is very much worth watching. The thoughts aren’t necessarily new, but the animation that accompanies it is superb. And it’s a message that bears repeating again and again …

The full presentation by Robinson (about 56 mins) is HERE

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