Haiku 2

I wrote the three Haiku in the last post at different times and it was only when I was messing around with backgrounds that I realised they dealt with different times of day. So, I thought I’d go on into night. This wasn’t done as carefully as the others but I wanted to just get it done.


So, learning from the poor execution of the Haiku in the previous post, I had another go. This time, I didn’t try to do any special lettering. I think that was my error the last time. Instead, I just used my own handwriting, but a bit more carefully than usual. The sea one took a few goes but the others worked well on the first attempt.The background effect is achieved by scraping pastels with a knife onto Khadi handmade cotton rag (150gsm). Then I used my fingers to blend the colours and finally used a paper towel to make the effect smoother. I scanned the results at a high resolution in order to preserve the colours.  I’m pleased enough with the results.



Black, white, pastels, whatever …

I like the stark look of white on black so I’ve been playing around with lettering and doodles …

And my current favourite symbolic image: the dandelion …

The subtlety of pastels is intriguing too. On black paper …

And on white rag paper, as a backdrop to a Haiku I wrote earlier in the year, inspired by a memorable drive through Slane in about 1982. (This photo doesn’t do the colours justice at all. And the writing is poor. I’ll try this again because the idea is sound. The execution and photography need work.)

Tough week. But doing this is therapeutic.

Colours, washes, smudges and inks

Just experimenting really. Christine is doing a calligraphy course and showed me a technique whereby one scrapes pastels with a knife onto paper and then smudges the shavings with one’s fingers or a cloth to create an interesting background. So I did that and then I thought about the effect of white pastel on black, and the moon’s reflection and so on. And I did a better snowman, again with pastels. Here’s some of the results:

Pastels (and pencil/graphite) go on smudging for ever, so to fix them one needs to resort to this:

Another familiar smell from my childhood!

Along with my 18 fountain pens I have about 12 different inks, so I’ve been playing with them too. Well, two of them anyway. It’s not quite finished, as you can see. The knotwork needs some outlines. Thinking of gold for that because the blue-black is so dark. If I can find another poem the right length, I’ll give this one the Cloths of Heaven treatment.


Christmas card ideas … I KNOW!

These are a bit rough. And, sad to say, they’re not that original. Most of the ideas are from Pinterest although the rough execution is mine.

So, the trees. Too many blobs of paint but they have some potential. I have some more interesting acrylic colours, so I’ll use them. Maybe limit it to two or three colours too.


I like this …

These are actual twigs from the garden. Quite a nice effect, I think. I’m pleased with the shine on the baubles.

This isn’t bad. Might look interesting pasted onto a plain card.


This is a bit ropey. I know what I was trying to achieve, but I didn’t achieve it!

Art and Life

Sometimes things don’t turn out as one would have liked them to, or as one imagined they might, or as one hoped they would. Most times it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it does.

Sometimes one learns from one’s mistakes and doesn’t repeat them. Other times one seems to make the same mistakes again and again and not quite understand why, or how to stop.



The Slap

Found my Joby Gorillapod (a flexible tripod I bought years ago) and attached it to the camera. Then I decided to try a stop motion experiment. Didn’t take long. A bit jumpy in spots but here it is:





I’m not holding this out to be anything other than a thing I did. I wasn’t really sure how I should approach it, what different levels of depth I should be aiming for, how I’d complete the detail and so on. So, it is what it is and it’s been a useful learning exercise. The next face I try will be much better.


And I’m not sure that this is any better that yesterday’s effort. The proof will be in the printing.


This is just messing with string, glue and an ink pad. Quite a nice effect though.

I feel the urge to edit some film. And get another tattoo.


Generating ideas

Doodles, sketches, rough lino cuts …



Note to self!  For clean lines in lino cuts, I need to use a sharp blade/knife to cut around the lines before using the gouge to scoop out the other stuff. I’ll try that later.

And an idea for a nine bag themed creation …

Need more bags.

Sentence of the day: ‘Dude, that shit is phat!’