Edward Shodan vid from YouTube

This is to see what a YouTube link might look like

Edward Shodan Grading, 12 June 2010

A gif, to see what happens

This is a gif file, uploaded to see if it moves. I’d say it won’t.

I was wrong. Click on the image. It’ll open in a new window and move. Cool.


OK. It took a while but I managed it in the end. I had to go to the web applications tab in the domain adminstration area of the control panel and delete the subdirectory that was created when intalling the programme. Phew!

Installing WordPress

OK. This is meatpunkspit in wordpress. It’s meatpunkspit.com/wordpress at the moment. I want it to come up in meatpunkspit.com. So I’ll try to do that now.

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