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Love After Love

Eilis, a psychotherapist I’ve been going to for a while, told me about a poem by Derek Walcott called Love After Love. In short, it’s about meeting one’s self and, I suppose, accepting one’s self, warts, quirks and faults, as well as the good stuff. I did this with it […]

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While I’m in a poetry mood, I thought I’d do an angry one. Philip Larkin’s Aubade. An angular rant against humdrum existence tempered with the fear of the inevitability of death. I downloaded an app on my phone that allows me to record voice. It does a great job. I […]

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Still working with the blended pastel on rag paper idea but marrying it with some Celtic knotwork. I was looking for something romantic to write over it. And then I thought of Eavan Boland’s poem Quarantine, about the famine. And a starving man who carries his sick wife until he […]

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Haiku 2

I wrote the three Haiku in the last post at different times and it was only when I was messing around with backgrounds that I realised they dealt with different times of day. So, I thought I’d go on into night. This wasn’t done as carefully as the others but […]

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So, learning from the poor execution of the Haiku in the previous post, I had another go. This time, I didn’t try to do any special lettering. I think that was my error the last time. Instead, I just used my own handwriting, but a bit more carefully than usual. […]

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The Cloths of Heaven

I love this Yeats poem. A coincidence, a sequence of events, and a bookmark gone astray have inspired its treatment here, both in terms of the artwork and the interpretation of the poem itself. Clicking on the image below will enlarge it.   Make sure you have the volume on […]