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I’m Learnding

Busy enough day but I found time to watch a few YouTube videos on gouache. I use gouache in tubes and i’ve been in the habit of washing away the excess paint after each painting session. Gouache is quite expensive and this is a bit of a waste. One of […]

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I suffered a significant loss of creative confidence over the last few weeks. This time of the year can be challenging. May and June are quite stressful work-wise and then the speech and drama year stops quite suddenly. The switch from crisis mode to ‘what just happened’ can deliver quite […]

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I’ve written before about my inability to make watercolours work for me. I won’t give up on them because I love some of the effects you can produce with them, especially at the delicate end of the spectrum. I tried a thing this evening and I thought it was going […]

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Here’s some of the things I did this week. I blogged … I bought some spray satin varnish in a sale in Evans. I was a little concerned that the gouache that I had used to paint on pebbles might fade over time or get damaged if something got spilled […]

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There are a few more poppy-related things in progress but there are a few other ideas around. The Rathgar horticultural show is coming up. It’s Christine’s gig really. She enters and wins baking competitions each year. One of the competitions, however, is for a bunch of garden grown herbs. I’ve […]

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… and Candles

I enjoy the process of making candles. It’s a bit like cooking with a bit of chemistry thrown in. I think that this is the first time I’ve made scented candles in painted tuna cans so … yay! I may have explained before, there are various formulas used to calculate […]

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Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes it just grabs you. Inspiration or an urge. Happened this morning. Scrolling through Instagram. A little movie made by one of my favourite Instagrammers, @minortismay. In a sped up video she painted small flowers and foliage, outlined them in black, cut them out and arranged them in a hand-drawn […]

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Work and work-related travel to Kerry over the last few days made it difficult to find either the time or the head-space for creativity. I did do something each day but it was minimal. Having effectively worked everyday for the last 13 days, I’m a bit knackered to be honest […]

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I Can Do This …

It always looks easy on YouTube or Instagram. An experienced artist demonstrates painting a leaf or a flower or a fruit. It seems effortless, as she builds up the painting from a pale outline, to an object with substance and depth. The key word, of course, is ‘experienced’. I’m not, […]

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Another impulse purchase! But I was intrigued. I get the sense that until very recently watercolours came in two basic formats: the tube and the pan, the latter being a little box with a hard lump of stuff that, when wet, becomes paint. There is a new emphasis now on […]