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My birds on a bag were received well on Instagram and I’m pleased about that. Meanwhile, I’ve started a fish on a bag. It was going to be a mackerel but it’s a bit too fat to be one now, so I’ll have to have a look and see what […]

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I’ve had an opened-out and sky-blue painted teabag lying around on my desk for ages and I haven’t been sure what to do with it. This evening I had an idea that some birds flying might be interesting. So that’s what I painted. And close up … Also did a […]

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Who needs wool?

Granny squares, Christening shawls, baby hats. I think crochet has an image problem. How about crochet for men? Using man materials. Man-chet. Rrrrrrr! I had some paracord left over from a previous knotting project so I had a go at crocheting with that. The hook isn’t quite big enough but […]

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Made a rather nice salsa this evening. Very simple. About 20 cherry tomatoes, the juice of a lime, a small bunch of coriander (stalks included) and a bird’s eye chilli. All chopped roughly and put in a mini blender thingy. Pulsed it a bit so that it stayed chunky. The […]

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When Edward was small and we were teaching him the alphabet, I have to admit that I taught him that ‘H is for Hoctopus’. I don’t think he ever believed it though. Anyway, I’ve been working on an idea based on something I saw on Instagram recently. It was put […]

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This morning, I was reflecting on beta-blockers. They were referred to in the book I’m reading at the moment, as having been prescribed to counter feelings of anxiety. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed some medication designed to lower it. The medication made […]

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Needs Must

Maybe it’s the time of year (not my favourite, as I’ve explained previously). Or maybe it’s just circumstances. Maybe both. My mind has been buzzing over the last week. Not always in a productive way. Sometimes art for me is pure therapy. Yesterday, I found some solace in mandalas and […]

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Rivers scare me. In the 1960s, when I lived in Glenageary, a neighbour drowned in the river Shannon. I overheard a conversation that suggested that he was wearing wellingtons when he fell off his boat and that they sucked him down into the river. That made a bit of an […]

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Atchoooooo! Echinacea.

Not sure that this deserves its own post but it’s getting one anyway. Echinacea flowers are distinctive, with their downward facing petals. Not that I would know them, to be honest, but Christine was able to name them when we saw them in Hungary near the end of our holiday. […]