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Hmmm! Almost

The art-related things I did when I was away on holiday were all quite structured. They were about trying to represent things on paper that I saw or saw and captured in a photograph. The stuff you’ll see below is a bit more experimental and, although none of it really […]

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I’ve been on me holliers with Christine. We flew to Vienna, spent a couple of days there, then cycled from Vienna to Budapest, via Bratislava, and had a few days extra in Budapest. We cycled 350k. The cycle generally followed the route of the Danube but we didn’t see that […]

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Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my resolution to do something creative every day. I haven’t quite managed EVERY day, mainly due to work-related travel but, in truth, I’ve missed only a handful. Some days, the creativity was pretty minimal but on others it might have stretched to four or […]

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Settling an argument

With myself. About travelling and what paints one might bring. So, the choice is between watercolour pencils, watercolours or gouache. Watercolour pencils are amazingly portable but colours are difficult to mix and it’s difficult to achieve any sort of flow or informality. So, no. My painting with watercolours has improved […]

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Christine bought me a book on wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept concerning finding beauty in imperfect, old, repaired or broken things. There’s a lot more to the concept but that’s it in shorthand. In an early chapter, there was mention of Sogetsu, which is a school of Ikebana, Japanese floral art, […]

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Just back from a couple of days in London. To be honest, today I’m feeling as if I’ve been hit by a train. I think it’s the consequence of enforced relaxation after several months of high intensity and not enough sleep. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s a temporary affliction. […]

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Tribal 2

I’m rather taken with some of the tribal symbols, motifs and drawings that I’ve found on Pinterest. I like their primitive vibe. So I did a few of them this evening. Some elements are just copies but I adapted and messed around with others … They’re on used teabags, painted […]

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The spirit is willing but the skills are weak. They’ll get better. I know they will. A bit of discipline and plenty of practice. I’m a bit disappointed that this is not better than it is but I know what’s wrong with it. This, I like. It’s not an original […]

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Went down the rabbit hole of the internet this morning. Knots, macrame, mandalas, doodles, tangles and … tribal motifs from south America. I like them and I put a few simple ones on pebbles this evening. Yesterday, I painted a lighthouse. It was dreadful – flat, lifeless, one-dimensional, insipid and […]

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On a Whim

I’ve kind of done most of the painting this evening that I wanted to do yesterday. I also wanted to work fast. So this and the wild flowers in the previous post are not as carefully done as, say, the leaves on the teabag from yesterday. That’s ok though. For […]

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Birch on a Bag

Around about Easter, I used acrylics to paint sky on a series of wooden eggs. Specifically Blue Lake and White which seems to suggest a spring/summer sky. If you don’t mix them thoroughly, you can get little streaks and variations that suggest high clouds. Anyway it worked then so I […]