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This morning, I was reflecting on beta-blockers. They were referred to in the book I’m reading at the moment, as having been prescribed to counter feelings of anxiety. Some years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed some medication designed to lower it. The medication made […]

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Needs Must

Maybe it’s the time of year (not my favourite, as I’ve explained previously). Or maybe it’s just circumstances. Maybe both. My mind has been buzzing over the last week. Not always in a productive way. Sometimes art for me is pure therapy. Yesterday, I found some solace in mandalas and […]

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New Toys

But before I tell you about them, I did this. It’s a copy of something I found on Pinterest, done in pencil in my notebook. It could be better but it’s OK. I’ll do it again, but better, in paint in due course. So much for resisting advertising on the […]

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Hmmm! Almost

The art-related things I did when I was away on holiday were all quite structured. They were about trying to represent things on paper that I saw or saw and captured in a photograph. The stuff you’ll see below is a bit more experimental and, although none of it really […]

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I’ve been on me holliers with Christine. We flew to Vienna, spent a couple of days there, then cycled from Vienna to Budapest, via Bratislava, and had a few days extra in Budapest. We cycled 350k. The cycle generally followed the route of the Danube but we didn’t see that […]

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Tribal 2

I’m rather taken with some of the tribal symbols, motifs and drawings that I’ve found on Pinterest. I like their primitive vibe. So I did a few of them this evening. Some elements are just copies but I adapted and messed around with others … They’re on used teabags, painted […]

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Just received a package from Amazon. Literally 20 minutes ago. Another weapon in my aforementioned. Drawing gum. So, the idea is that you use the drawing gum to create a mask. You’ll see what I mean in the illustration below. In this, I drew the branch with leaves with the […]

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Ticking Over

The work-related mayhem continues. But the end of the year is in sight. It’s been a good year, to be honest. The Irish Board of Speech and Drama has grown. Thanks to Vicky, we’ve made some major changes in the way the exams are administered, and these changes have been […]

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Mixed Bag

Not right yet after last week. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to Sligo to adjudicate at the Sligo Feis Ceoil. The standard was high but it was a punishing schedule. Three 12-hour days, give or take. Really didn’t know my own name at the end […]