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Last November, I blogged a bit about my childhood and mentioned a bloke called Donall Murray. Just to remind you (!), in 1970, I was in a play in the Eblana Theatre, under Busaras in Dublin, called ‘It’s a Two Foot Six Inch Above the Ground World’, a comedy piece […]

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Final Cut Pro

My laptop died. I bought another one and made sure that it had enough power to edit movies quickly. I had purchased Final Cut Pro, Apple’s reasonably sophisticated movie editing program, for the old laptop but the poor thing struggled with the smallest of clips and I didn’t have the […]

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Love After Love

Eilis, a psychotherapist I’ve been going to for a while, told me about a poem by Derek Walcott called Love After Love. In short, it’s about meeting one’s self and, I suppose, accepting one’s self, warts, quirks and faults, as well as the good stuff. I did this with it […]

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Cine films from the 1960s (Part 2)

I gave a bit of background to these cine films from the 1960s in an earlier post. Quite a lot of my earlier life was documented on film and my parents made quite a few short films as well. Usually funny, sometimes dramatic, but always short, snappily edited and interesting. […]