Made a rather nice salsa this evening. Very simple. About 20 cherry tomatoes, the juice of a lime, a small bunch of coriander (stalks included) and a bird’s eye chilli. All chopped roughly and put in a mini blender thingy. Pulsed it a bit so that it stayed chunky. The resulting mix was very wet so I strained it a bit. Tasty. Might have done with a little more lime juice but it was pretty good nevertheless, as an accompaniment for chicken fajitas.

Started to teach myself to crochet, using YouTube videos. You start with a chain which I got the hang of pretty quickly. Well, it’s straightforward enough. The most difficult part of this part was knowing how to hold the yarn so that I could keep some tension and keep the size of the stitches even.

I unravelled this one and started again with a bigger hook.

The real challenge starts with the next row. First, knowing which loop to stick the hook in. Then knowing which side of the hook to wrap the yarn around. Then making sure you’re not picking up other bits of yarn when pulling it through the loops. And still you’re trying to control the tension to prevent big holes appearing, and keep the piece of work the right way up.

When you get to the end of that row, you’ve got to flip it and everything looks different. Instead of helpful Vs, you’ve got to negotiate bumps. It’s all quite challenging but I stopped before I got frustrated. I’ll have another go at the weekend.

I also helped Christine finish off a macrame project: a yoga mat strap.